Wow, I stopped blogging for a very long time!
I just finished reading John Green's Looking For Alaska. 
It was very very good. It does contain some controversial scenes that involve sex, alchohol, cigarettes and swearing. Many people made too  big a deal of this, saying that it was porn and it was being marketed to children. As a 16 year old reader (The same age as the characters in the books), I found it relatable, and nothing I hadn't heard of before. John Argued in his video blog (visit the Vlogbrothers on youtube) that the scenes were not meant to be arousing or corrupting, but they were there to make a point. And a valid one at that. He contrasts the awkward and empty physical relationship between the characters with the more intimate emotional one, and shows that emotional interaction can be much more valuable. Never-the-less, it is well written, an emotional and lovely story, and I loved it. My only complaint is that it ended.
Buy it on Amazon, or at your local book store. 

Scott (Visit Scottimort on youtube) and I are going to be doing a video entitled "The Steep Decline of Teenage Society: Causes and Effects".
It should be Interesting yet comedic. 
I have a doctors appointment today and then Im going to get my nails done... And then were making a video. 
So, yeah.
And also, you know what's funny? I watched the Eclipse Trailer, the next installment in everyone's favorite vampire series. It comes out on Brandon (my boyfriend, if you didn't know)'s birthday. HAH. 
Basically, heres how it is:
New Moon: Bella and Edward are in a struggle about whether or not Bella should become a vampire. Jacob is in love with bella, and wants her to chose him over Edward. Victoria want revenge on Edward, and is trying to kill Bella. The Volturi decide that bella cannot live unless someone turns her into a vampire. 

Eclipse: Bella and Edward are still arguing about whether or not bella should become a vampire. Jacob still loves Bella, and still thinks she should pick him over edward. because he's better for her. Victoria is still trying to kill Bella. The volturi still want Bella dead or undead. 

So, tell me, is there really any plot line here?
'Nuff said.


I went to Shoppers Drug Mart. Wheeee, crazy shopping.

Neon Dice Nails.
I did my other hand just normal polka dots.
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Lightening Eclair
Garnier Pure - Facial Scrub
Garnier Fresh - Makeup Remover
I cleaned and organized my bathroom!!
yay - Doll Candles Toilet
Organized Makeup!
Also, My neighbours Kitty, whom doesnt get taken care of cery well, is pregnant - Or at least Im pretty sure she is. I dont know her name, but she's hanging out around my house a lot.
me and kitty.
POW POW kitty.

Thats my mom... IM NOT A STALKER. >.>


This is a list of my favorite singer/songwriters.

Amy Lee

Marie Digby

Vanessa Carlton

Alannis Morisette

Amy Benjamin


Several Things. 04/05/2009

Today my whole family had lunch together, and we burned my Granny's mortgage papers, because she just paid it off. We had cheese. I like cheese. I played ball with Quinn, my little cousin, who really really really likes to play ball., and Kevin showed me some videos about falcons, similar to the following;

I'm pictures of the party and stuff as soon as people decide to upload them to facebook/photobucket/grannys computer, etc.
BBER TICKED that my camera has suddenly decided to stop working. -_____-
And therefore, I will post pic
In other news, my Mom has some things to do tomorrow, and then Tuesday I'll hopefully be seeing my cousin Justin, who couldn't make it to the reunion, and then on wednesday, we'll be heading out back to Gravenhurst in our van.

I keep trying to think of a way I could get my hands on a camera. -__- I'm about to go across the country in  a car with no camera. CHRIST. suckage.

Anyways, I also just found out that theres a bunch of songs from vanessa carltons new album that I havent heard.

Oh, and Sahara made this family tree.



Gravenhurst 04/02/2009

Hi everybody.
Im in Gravenhurst, Ontario. Yaaaay. Where is gravenhurst, you might ask?

I'll be traveling to Montreal early tomorrow morning to go to a family gathering at my grandmas house. Yaaaay.


Dissapeared. 03/05/2009

Hi peoples.

I know I kind of disappeared off the face of the internet for a while there, but I've been really busy with a lot of things, and I was sick and so on and so forth.

So anyway, I'm going to try to make a v-log or more detailed blog soonish.  [ :

Auri [:
P.S. Brandon is here with me in the Dominican Republic. He wants that to be mentioned. :P

Vlog3 12/22/2008